The main actors of the press world created together the platform "www.wordpersverkoper.be". The aim of this project is to stimulate the sale of press articles and provide help with the steps to be taken to open a new press point or when taking over an existing press point. Those who wish to step into this adventure, will find all necessary information here in order to do this successfully.  We organize Welcome sessions, every week, during this two-hour information session you will receive a lot of useful information.

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During the Welcome Session I met other future owners of press shops, we exchanged interesting information. I received information about partners such as Kariboo! and Burnonville  who can help me increase my sales.  On top of that, I could attend a Welcome Session quickly, they are organized weekly.


I did not have all the necessary knowledge when I opened my press point. During my participation in the Welcome Session, I got a real picture of what my press point could look like. The trainer gave me guidelines tailor-made to my shop space. I will definitely take part in the follow-up trainingsession.